26 oz Square Pillar
square Pillar candles from best sweet scented candles
26 oz Square Pillar
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These 26 oz Square Pillar Candles are the answer to any decor problem. They have a refreshing and elegant look to them, even with out additional decorations . Pillar Candles are tall elegant columns of candles that come in many sizes and colors in which to make a great display. Pillar candles make a statement such as strength, superiority, powerful, bold and can stand either alone or blend well with all types of other candles. Pillar candles are very noticeable, so they will never get lost in a power outage.
Their uses are very versatile due to the fact that they are easy to decorate, are usable in lighting up an area or to add a scent to your home. These pillar candles can be decorated with flowers, ribbons, gems, which will make beautiful center pieces for all occasions (Please be careful and remove any decoration before lighting the candle).

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